Design an Eye-catching Social Media Post
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Design an eye-catching Social Media post

Gravit Klex has the finest selection of Social Media post layouts. Use our easy and intuitive tools and create graphics that will make your profile stand out and shine!

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Great design can be the difference between a successful profile and a regular one, the difference between thousands of followers and just a few. How to solve this problem? Create your social media content on Gravit Klex, of course!

If you need some inspiration, choose from many amazing professional layouts made by our designers, customize every single element or create a unique design for your needs by uploading your own backgrounds, pictures and logos.

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Design unique posts to share with the world

Klex is a free and intuitive tool. Using a drag-and-drop system, you can easily create beautiful graphics for social medias like Instagram even if you have zero design experience. It doesn't matter what kind of brand you're running or even if it's just a post for yourself, we have professional layouts that fit all needs.

Use your own ideas and assets! Every layout on Klex is customizable, and you'll find it super easy to design your own material with our user friendly interface. And, what's best, for free.

Use your own photography

Make your work a lot more personal and grab your audience by showing real feelings and real experiences. Do that by uploading your own unique images by simply dragging them from your desktop and dropping on the uploaded files.

Save it for yourself and share everywhere

Every design you create is saved on your homepage, available to be edited anytime. Want to use the same layout, only with some small changes? Make as many copies of it as you want, keeping the original. Save your work to your computer and share it anywhere, and even print it with amazing quality.

Design an Eye-catching Social Media Post

Start designing a Social Media Post